What NOT to do

As a parent it is normal to feel distressed if a situation has affected the emotional well being of your child. This may, on occasions, make some people react in a way that could make a particular situation worse. Be assured that staff at Wadalba Community School will be working towards a positive outcome to any negative situation that has been made known to them. The following provides an outline of what actions may inhibit the successful outcome of any bullying situation.

  • Never tell your child to ignore the bullying. What the child may “hear” is that you are going to ignore it. Be supportive and gather information about the bullying often. Trying to ignore bullying allows it to become more serious.
  • Do not blame your child for being bullied. Do not assume that your child did something to provoke the bullying.
  • Do not encourage your child to harm the person who is bullying them. It could get your child hurt, suspended or expelled.
  • Do not contact the parents of the students who bullied your child. It may make matters worse. The school will contact the parents of the children involved.
  • Do not demand or expect a solution on the spot. It is sometimes impossible to resolve a situation on the spot. Students, staff or other relevant people may need to be contacted and a resolution organised before any solution can take place.