Working with WCS

If your child has alerted you to the fact that they are being bullied at school, the following steps provide a guide to help solve the issue:

Encourage your child to approach their Year Advisor

As a first step, students can alert their year advisor via the report page on this website.  If they do not feel comfortable about talking directly to a teacher, please do not hesitate to contact the school yourself.

Know the school policies

Wadalba Community School follows the NSW Department of Education policy in dealing with bullying issues. Preventing and responding to bullying (insert DEC policy link here)

Let the school deal with the issue

We care about the wellbeing of all students at Wadalba Community School and take all matters that are brought to our attention seriously. Please be assured that we will work with your child and any other child involved in a bullying incident to provide the best possible outcome for a situation and to ensure that all bullying behaviour ceases.

Ensure that you alert the school to any further bullying

Often we may be unaware if bullying behaviours have ceased to occur. Please communicate with the school if you feel that your child is continuing to be subjected to bullying.