My child is being bullied

If you suspect your child is being bullied or your child brings it up, consider these steps:

  • Talk with your child. Focus on your child. Express your concerns and make it clear that you want to help.
  • Work together to find solutions. Ask your child what they think can be done to help.
  • Document ongoing bullying. Work with your child to keep a record of all bullying incidents. It is involves cyber-bullying, keep a record of all messages or postings.
  • Help your child develop strategies and skills for handling bullying. Provide suggestions for ways to respond to bullying, and help your child gain confidence by rehearsing their responses.
  • Be persistent. Bullying may not be resolved overnight. 
  • Stay vigilant to other possible problems that your child may be havin. Some of the warning signs may be signs of other serious problems. Share your concerns with the child’s re;evant Year Advisor or the Head Teacher Welfare at Wadalba Community School.