Erasing bullying

Case Studies

barimageREAD the following SCENARIOS & ask yourself;

  • What type of bullying is occurring?
  • What may the consequences be for each of the students if the situation continues?
  • What could you do if you were in this situation?
  • What could you do if it was happening to one of your friends?


Sally has been giving Jill death stares!! The teacher talks to Sally and she says Jill started it. The teacher then talks to Jill, who says Sally started it. The teacher has spoken to both girls and asked them to stay away from each other. Sally has said to her friends that she is going to bash Jill if she death stares her again. Sally’s friends have started to spread rumours about a fight starting at lunch.


Jake is a quiet student who enjoys reading and computer games. He sits with a small group of friends at recess and lunch. One of his friends, in front of some other boys, has started to call him names. He is only doing it in front of the same group of boys. When those boys are not around he is nice to Jake. Jake is getting upset and is not wanting to come to school.


Lilly sits with a group of girls she has known since kindergarten. Tracey, a new student from Victoria starts in her class and fits in well with Lilly’s friends. Lilly’s friends think Tracey is awesome and exciting and Lilly is feeling left out. Lilly starts spreading untrue rumours about Tracey hoping that her friends will kick Tracey out of their group.


Sam and Cody posted unpleasant comments about each other on a social networking site. The comments went back and forth between the two, which were also viewed by other friends. The next morning when both students arrived at school, girls had formed groups, yelling and arguing, about the facebook comments.

Case studies sourced from Kids Help Line