Cyberbullying – what it is and why it sucks

Cyberbullying is bullying that is done through the use of technology, for example, using the Internet, a mobile phone or a camera to hurt or embarrass someone. It can be shared widely with a lot of people quickly, which is why it is so dangerous and hurtful.

How to protect yourself

  • Don’t share your private information like passwords, name and address, phone numbers with people you don’t know. Be cautious about sharing photos of yourself, your friends and your family.
  • Don’t respond to messages when you are angry or hurt – either to strangers or people you know. This will often encourage them to continue or increase their harassment of you.
  • Log out and stop messaging if you feel you are being harassed.
  • Remember you have the option to block, delete and report anyone who is harassing you online and on your mobile.
  • Keep a record of calls, messages, posts and emails that may be hurtful or harmful to you.
  • Remember to set up the privacy options on your social networking sites like Facebook in a way you are comfortable with.